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Remember the last time you felt inspired? I mean, really inspired. Where you couldn’t wait to get up and do some good, accomplish something, make a difference. Aaahh, there’s nothing like that feeling! To me, Jesus Christ is synonymous with inspiration. He is it’s source. Feeling His love for you literally breathes new life into your soul. In this piece, I’ve tried to visually depict that feeling of inspiration through Christ. The boy sees his potential, his worth, his destiny as the Savior shows it to him. They are both excited and eager for the future. I hope this image serves as a reminder of the inspiration that is always available to us through Jesus.

Description included on the back of each purchased piece.

Framed pieces feature…

  • High-quality, giclee prints with textured coating (instead of glass)
  • Real wood frames (made in the USA)
  • Signed by the artist & ready to hang!
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