Message to Christian Booksellers | August 2012

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Message to Christian Booksellers | August 2012

“Expressions of Christ” Fine Art Series
By David Bowman

Artist David Bowman creates depictions of the Savior in a variety of expressions.


  1. David, I just cannot express in words how your painting “Security” has touched my heart and soul. I purchased a copy in my local Christian bookstore the other day, and just ordered several prints off your site today. As a (wounded) healer (psychotherapist) who promotes healthy touch in life, this painting says it all… You are truly gifted and inspired by our Lord and I just wanted to thank you for being His instrument. God’s continued blessings to you, your family, and wonderful ministry through art.

  2. I ordered a print on feb 4 and it still has not come to me. How can I get this? I have a non curable brain tumor and I want this by my bed.
    Karen scoresby

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