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Someday it will happen.

You and I will find ourselves face to face with the Savior.  What will it be like?  What will His embrace feel like?  I believe we will experience a love unlike anything we’ve ever felt before.  He will hold us tight as we smile, laugh, and cry together.  Jesus knows us personally and perfectly.  He has been with us through every trial and triumph of our lives.  He is the sure foundation we have built our lives upon.  And at last, we will be reunited.

We will finally be Home.

And in that embrace, may each one of us be greeted with the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of the Lord.” (Matthew 25:23)

Description included on the back of each purchased piece.

Framed pieces feature…
-High-quality, giclee prints with textured coating (instead of glass)
-Real wood frames (made in the USA)
-Signed by the artist & ready to hang!

PLAQUES feature…
-High-quality, giclee prints with textured coating, mounted on sturdy ¾” MDF board.
-Option of hanging OR propping up for displaying on a shelf or table top
-Signed by the artist!

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  1. I was so drawn to this drawing that I purchased it and am now going to purchase another for the father of our son, who has died as a young man. This picture sustains me as I wait to do my sons endowment. This is the image I picture in my mind of him returning to the Savior and literally rising from the “grave”.

  2. I saw this painting displayed at the funeral of a missionary who had died on his mission. It brought pure love and peace and reminded me again of our very eternal relationship with Christ – He loves us and tenderly receives us into His presence. What great comfort that brought.

  3. My friend’s 12 year old son was killed in a car accident in Dec 2012. This picture looks like their son in the Savior’s arms. I sent this as a gift – the couple continue to find peace through this powerful painting.
    We love it. Thank you!

  4. I love this depiction of an event to look forward to!\

  5. My daughter gave this print to us for Christmas this year. When I opened it I gasped. I wondered how the artist was able to create such a picture because the young man in the picture looks exactly like the back of my son who recently passed away. I know that he would have hugged the Savior in this same manner. “Home” has brought me the peace that my heart needed. Thank you!

  6. I’ve been a jail missionary for the past 2 years and this picture has given hope and comfort to hundreds of inmates as they begin to understand the depths of the atonement and what it means to be loved by the Savior and to be clean. David did a wonderful job of showing the Savior’s joy at the return of any of his loved ones.

  7. Mr. Bowman, although you didn’t know this when you painted this picture, I want you to know that every stroke was guided by God for this day. You painted my son exactly. His name is Anthony and he went home to be with the Lord 3 weeks ago at the age of 24. Not only does this picture give me his mother great comfort but everyone who see’s it. When someone see’s it their faces are of utter amazement as their eyes flood with tears while saying, “that’s Anthony!” I can never thank you enough for painting this! Is there any place I can purchase this in a much larger size, we want to hang in on a huge wall in our living room for all to see.

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