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The expression between Jesus and the little girl (who happens to be one of the model’s daughters in real life) says it all in this piece—“I adore you.”  The closer one draws towards the Savior, the more he or she adores everything about Him. Thus, I can only imagine the overflowing joy and love we will feel when we are actually in His presence, in His embrace. The feelings of adoration will be so intense and amazingly, I don’t think they will be one-sided. I picture Christ peering so deeply into our hearts, with His perfect love, that His adoration for us will be just as intense.


Description included on the back of each purchased piece.

Framed pieces feature…

  • High-quality, giclee prints with textured coating (instead of glass)
  • Real wood frames (made in the USA)
  • Signed by the artist & ready to hang!
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  1. I can’t say enough about David Bowman’s exceptional artistry. He’s not just a skilled and gifted artist, he’s a humble, yet powerfully anointed, servant of the Lord whose heart knows and expresses his love for his heavenly Father as he calls his patrons into a deeper relationship of loving trust in God.
    His images capture and embody the love of God the Father in a way my heart has found deeply soul satisfying. Actually God has done a truly remarkable healing of many layers of my broken heart as I’ve gazed on two of David Bowman’s extraordinary pictures which I believe are linked to each other by their imagery and profound meanings. I’m speaking of Security and Adoration.
    The first of these companion pieces Security, shows the safety, belonging and rest of the child that is only found in the Father’s eternal embrace. We see the Father’s satisfaction too as he keeps his eyes closed in an expression of his interminable contentment.
    Next our artist, with great skill and heart, captures the rapt attention of both the Father and the child as they, with eyes wide open, see one another face to face and articulate their mutual, unbroken loving devotion and pleasure in the image called Adoration. The Father touches his child’s heart and she also touches his.
    I’m so grateful for David Bowman’s clear visions of God the Father’s awesome reception of his children as we strip away all pretense of our own power and wisdom and come as humble, needy children looking for mercy and love.
    I can’t stress enough the priceless gifts of healing and new freedom I’ve been privileged to receive through meditating on these two beautiful pieces. I’m sharing them with all my friends and family and I highly recommend them to anyone you may want to bless.
    In gratitude to the Lord, Barbara

  2. Please I will use ur art for as Post image on my Blog and Give the Cerdit to you by linking Your Website , Can I ???

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